Essential Flow SFX Ultimate collection
Essential Flow SFX | Ultimate Collection


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Essential Flow SFX | Ultimate Collection

The full collection of Essential Flow SFX from Visual Tone.


  • 450 unique sound effects in total.
  • Includes the Original EditionFar East Edition + Flight Edition
  • 7 distinct categories (Time-lapse, Slow Motion, Transitions, Loops, Drones, Risers, Ambiences)
  • Digitally mastered essential sound design for high-end video editing.
  • 100 % uniquely crafted sound design from organic elements around the world.
  • Compatible with all video editing software (Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut, Avid, etc).
  • Designed specifically to add volume and depth to your sound track and foley.
  • Guide your projects to flow seamlessly with these intuitive sound elements.
  • Royalty Free license per single user.



Essential Flow SFX - Original Edition

Essential Flow SFX - Far East Edition

Essential Flow SFX - Flight Edition


ssential Flow SFX Ultimate Collection Category Count
Bryn North and Daniel Deuschle
Bryn North X Dan Deuschle

Developed and created by Travel Filmmaker Bryn North and extremely talented composer Daniel Deuschle.

The goal with these unique sound design elements was to create the most essential and useful sounds to compliment powerful and engaging content. Inspired from our world's various cultures and environments, we have infused this into each carefully crafted and produced effect to give an organic and natural flow to your productions.

Each pack is designed to compliment the rest allowing you to mix and match sounds in complete harmony with countless combinations.


Original Edition

The Original Edition is an all-rounder pack which boasts a wide array of the most useful sound effects in 6 distinct categories. It is a highly versatile library which has been carefully curated to include an essential collection of modern sound effects for creating captivating soundscapes. A must have for any editor.

Far East Edition

Another great all-rounder pack, but with a twist. The Far East Edition is designed with sounds and flair from the Far East. We infused these concepts and created a truly unique pack to make your work stand out amongst the rest. We kept the same library structure (with the addition of a new ‘loops’ category), making it a completely stand-alone and versatile pack - individually or combined with our others.

Flight Edition

A pack distinctly focused on enhancing motion, pace and flow using sounds from the natural environment. Whether it’s bright airy visuals or fast-paced intensity, this library lets you engineer how it sounds to flow through the environment in your visuals. We used very organic textures to help create truly immersive soundscapes: like airy whistling winds as well as sounds of natural landscapes (such as sandy, foliage, and rocky surfaces). A fantastic compliment to drone, FPV or gimbal footage. Select transitions available in a variety of lengths (short / medium / long).

Product walkthrough/tutorial

Super inspiring and fresh, perfect for instagram edits.

Antoine Truchet / @antoinetruchet

Always stoked on more whooshes for my sound library!

Kiril Dobrev / @kiril_dobrev

I really enjoy the unique organic feel to these sounds.

Naude Heunis / @naude_heunis

Spice up your visuals with some cinematic tones.

Take a look at some of Bryn North's personal colour grading LUTs which he has used within his own travel films and for various high end clients around the world.