Essential Flow SFX | Original Edition


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Essential Flow SFX | Original Edition

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  • 131 tested and perfected cinematic sound effects.
  • 6 distinct categories. (Time-lapse, Slow Motion, Transitions, Textures, Risers etc)
  • Digitally mastered essential sound design for high end video editing.
  • Compatible with all video editing software (Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut, Avid, etc).
  • Designed specifically to add volume and depth to your sound track and foley.
  • Guide your projects to flow seamlessly with these intuitive sound elements.
  • Royalty Free license per single user.


Designed and created by

Filmmaker Bryn North 

Composer Daniel Deuschle.


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This video was edited using only sound effects from this pack. Nothing else.


  • Timelapse
  • Slowmotion
  • Drones/Underscores
  • Risers
  • Transitions (wooshes, suck-backs etc)
  • Ambient Textures

Developed and created by Travel Filmmaker Bryn North and extremely talented composer Daniel Deuschle. The goal was to simply combine the most essential and useful sound effects in order to bring your edits to life, to keep your audience engaged as your cinematic story flows.

Bryn North profile

Bryn North

Creator Notes

I've edited 1000's of videos during my time in this industry and the most important thing that I've got to learn is the power of sound within filmmaking. The amount of time I've spent trying to improve my visuals in the edit cave when I could of put more of that time into the sound work which would of made a much bigger impact to the overall film. The use of sound doesn't just add production value to your pieces but it helps guide your audience while creating emotion and sentiment and complimenting your foley.

Working with Dan on this sound pack over time has been an amazing experience and helped me delve deeper into the world of audio while learning so much from him from a technical stand point. The biggest compliment to your visuals is carefully crafted sound and that's why we have set out to create the ultimate essential sound design pack to help you smoothen out your edit and make it flow beautifully with the sprinkling of these audio gems.

We've crafted these sound design elements purely to help add depth and direction to your various edit styles. I hope these sound effects can add another dimension to your projects like they have to mine!

Daniel Deuschle profile

Daniel Deuschle

Creator Notes

As a music composer and producer, I work very closely with film makers and videographers. It is becoming more and more evident that sound and sound FX play such a vital role in helping videographers tell their story and immersing their viewers into their footage. Talking with different film makers, there was always an expressed and shared struggle of having hundreds of sounds and sound FX libraries to choose from, but often finding that only 2 or 3 of those sounds were useful for them.

After working together, and Inspired by his incredible use of sound FX in his videos, Bryn North and I teamed-up to create something that would be both sonically pleasing, and visually enhancing. Using mainly organic elements, we tried to take sounds that were already familiar, and we added different cinematic textures to make them edit ready. Meticulously building each sound for a visual context, the goal with the “Essential Flow” pack was to create something for filmmakers and videographers that was carefully thought out and strategically crafted to make their workflow more efficient.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect time-lapse sound effect, a build that pulls you to the edge of your seat, or a sound that suspends your audience in complete slow motion, we feel and hope that we’ve made that part of the production easier for everyone.

Product walkthrough/tutorial

Super inspiring and fresh, perfect for instagram edits.

Antoine Truchet / @antoinetruchet

Always stoked on more whooshes for my sound library!

Kiril Dobrev / @kiril_dobrev

I really like the organic feel to these sounds.

Naude Heunis / @naude_heunis

Spice up your visuals with some cinematic tones.

Take a look at some of Bryn North's personal colour grading LUTs which he has used within his own travel films and for various high end clients around the world.