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EARTH TONES | Lightroom Presets


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EARTH TONES | Lightroom Presets

We set out to create a set of stylised looks to help photographers apply beautiful colors to their images. The Earth Tones pack consists of 13 meticulously crafted presets made specifically for Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile. Each preset is designed around a complimentary and cohesive palette of colors for a professional-grade finish. All presets are developed for a variety of lighting conditions and camera types. These presets are suitable for lifestyle, product, portrait and nature photography.


  • 13 uniquely designed Lightroom presets
  • Perfectly optimized for all versions of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw
  • A variety of looks for different environments and moods
  • Presets come as .XMP file (.DNG files available for mobile use)
  • Supported camera types: Sony, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, DJI, GoPro, Fujifilm, Phones
  • Instructional PDF included
  • Non-refundable

*These presets are designed to be applied to RAW images



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Step up your photography game.

Why use presets?

As photographers, we spend a great deal of time taking and editing stills. When we're on big shoots, its not uncommon that we end up with hundreds (if not thousands) of photographs to select from and edit. Streamlining our editing workflow is one of the most important things we can learn to master and is one of the key reasons why presets are common practice. A selection of presets gives you the ability to immediately trial different styles of edits and help you fast track a starting point. But it's not only about speed. Applying a unified and cohesive color palette across a batch of photographs makes them feel like they belong in a collection.

Earth Tones Lightroom Presets Why Use

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