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WHO IS Sam Newton

Sam Newton is a travel filmmaker and entrepreneur who co-founded MoveToCreate.
Sam is a seriously talented dude whose name exploded onto the scene through his hysterical music parodies which poke fun at many of the cliché trends used in the travel filmmaking space. But Sam has a serious side to him too, creating beautifully crafted films with emotion and meaning.
Join us as we chat with Sam about about the ever-growing travel film genre as well as his journey into the space. Sam shares a ton of insight about how he got into travel filmmaking and the tactics he used to land himself clients. Listen to the podcast right here, it’s both informative and entertaining! 
Listen to the podcast right here!

INSTAGRAM VS REALITY: the story behind the music

From the podcast:  “It’s sounds so dumb analysing this in such a real way. I try to use the comedy [in my music] to call out the things I think we can do better. There’s nothing wrong with any of this. There’s nothing wrong with people who want to film their hand, there’s nothing wrong with ripped black jeans or sky diving at all. I’m saying that I feel, as any creator should, that you shouldn’t rely on that. And I feel like a lot of people do just rely on the fact that if it looks sick then nothing else matters. To me, story is just so important and emotion is so important. If you have an inability to evoke emotion in your videos and your only tool is to just show ASS, BACKFLIPS, SKYDIVE, LOOK AT ME … to me, it gets kind of hollow. If you’re not able to advance past that then it’s gonna die out and people are going to get bored. Here’s a perfect example: Sam Kolder…”

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… “everyone thinks I’v been attacking him for years and if anybody whose had a conversation with me knows that for me it’s more about calling out the fanboys of Sam who haven’t given up the Sam Kolder Hawaii v2 edit of 2015. And they still kind of rinse and repeat his My Year 2016. But anybody who follows Sam knows he’s far adapted past that and his videos are mental. They are so incredible. From the story telling aspect and how powerful they are and I just think that some people just see it for the cool transitions and think that’s all i need to make it. Transitions die fast and trends die fast.”

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