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How do content creators making a living? How did they get started and turn their passion into a career? These are just some of the burning questions that we had ourselves.

Join us as we have conversations with some fo the most talented and passionate content creators from around the globe as we learn more about how they do what they do.

Season 1


1 - Pilot

This is us

Welcome to the introductory episode of the Visual Tone Creator Podcast. This podcast is your guide into the world of content creation and the business behind it. Hosts (and filmmakers) Bryn North and Kiril Dobrev profile some of the most interesting and talented content creators from around the globe and find out how they do what they do.

Get to know us and learn more about what the Creator Insights podcast has in store.

2 - Bryn North

Taking Risks – Is It Worth It?

Travel filmmaker Bryn North talks to us about how embracing risk has been so pivotal to his career. To date, he has worked with brands such as Red Bull and DJI as well as some of the biggest creators in the space. His camera has taken him to some incredible corners of the world allowing him to showcase amazing destinations and cultures in his unmistakably unique style.

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3 - Mike Visuals

The Hustle Never Stops

Michael Gray (aka Mike Visuals) is a UK based photographer and travel filmmaker. If you’ve seen his work, you’ll know Mike is a VFX wizard. This comes at no surprise when you learn that he first started playing with After FX when he was only 13 years old. What started off as a hobby quickly turned into a burning passion. Mike tells us how he relentlessly put his work out there which eventually landed him dream jobs with the likes of Beautiful Destinations, DJI, Adobe and many more exciting brands.

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4 - Free To Use Sounds

How A $100 Microphone Changed Our Lives

Free To Use Sounds is the brain-child of Marcel Gnauk and Libby Green who started one of the world’s biggest field recording libraries on the internet with a $100 Microphone.

In this podcast, we sit down with the duo and talk about their fascinating journey into the world of sound. While they started out with limited experience in the space, their passion & drive more than made up for it and has pushed them to big heights.

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free to use sounds recording abandoned airplane iceland
5 - SV Delos

Sailing & Filming the world for a living

SV Delos is a popular YouTube sailing channel named after the boat Sailing Vessel Delos. Before buying the boat and setting off, Brian Trautman was a 9-5 office hostage who escaped his desk job to seek respite on what was supposed to be an 18 month sail. Now, more than a decade later, Brian along with the crew of SV Delos, sail the world and document their journey on YouTube.

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sv delos boat
6 - Dan Mace

From Acclaimed Director to Youtube creator, why?

Dan Mace is a highly talented South African filmmaker and director turned YouTube creator.

Dan’s career as a TVC Director kicked off at a very young age when he was swept up and commissioned to direct commercials for huge brands such as Tusker and the Indian Premier League. He went on to receive some of the biggest accolades in the industry including three Young Director awards at Cannes.

Fresh from winning his awards and quickly climbing the ranks, Dan decided to pull away from the industry and pursue a career on YouTube. Dan talks to us about what is was like working alongside Casey Neistat and how it’s been to have stepped out of his limelight.

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The experiences

What Listeners Say

These guys really are top of their game and it is awesome that they are willing to share their experiences and lessons with others!

Bodkin T

Honestly had never heard of these guys before today but the amount of knowledge and experience between these men is insane. They hit a lot of areas I’ve never heard people talk about but are super critical such as sequence storytelling and just the mindset that goes into making videos.

Thomas W

Highly recommend content creators of any kind to give this a listen. There’s a ton of useful information in here!

Jerome M

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