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WHO IS Mike Visuals

Michael Gray (aka Mike Visuals) is a UK based photographer and travel filmmaker. If you’ve seen his work, you’ll know Mike is a VFX wizard. This comes at no surprise when you learn that he first started playing with After FX when he was only 13 years old. What started off as a hobby quickly turned into a burning passion. Mike tells us how he relentlessly put his work out there which eventually landed him dream jobs with the likes of Beautiful Destinations, DJI, Adobe and many more exciting brands. Mike is also a co-founder of CreatorClasses.

If you’d like to learn more about Mike’s journey and how he continues to hustle in this filmmaking space … listen to his podcast right here! There’s a lot to learn from this talented dude.


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From the podcast:  “it’s always been a dream of mine to swim with dolphins. You see those epic dolphin shots and I was like: is that real? So a good friend of mine Nolan Omura, he’s an awesome underwater photographer based in O‘ahu. When I visited Hawaii in February, I hit him up and we hung out a lot. And we went out one morning at like 4am to this one spot where you do dolphin diving. And I was really excited going up to it but they did say like: ‘Mike the chances of seeing dolphins is so slim’. Every time they go it’s a hit or a miss. You can’t guarantee it! So I was mentally preparing myself to be disappointed and either way, I didn’t think it would be what it is like in the photos right, I always thought there was some sort of manipulation. But when we were approaching the beach of where we would park, literally like 30 meters out. You could see already a pod of dolphins on the surface like and then there was another pod and another pod and another pod. Nolan looked at me was like…

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… you’ve got a good day, bro! And so everyone was really pumped. So we swam in, we jumped in the water and swam pretty far out. All of a sudden you put your head on the water and you can hear the dolphin noises. It’s like a squirm, they sound like a dinosaur. But literally, you put your head underwater with your goggles and you could just see hundreds. It was actually a crazy experience! 


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