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WHO IS Free To use sounds

Free To Use Sounds is the brain-child of Marcel Gnauk and Libby Green who started one of the world’s biggest field recording libraries on the internet with a $100 Microphone.

In this podcast, we sit down with the duo and talk about their fascinating journey into the world of sound. While they started out with limited experience in the space, their passion & drive more than made up for it and has pushed them to big heights.

The two have created a business that sustains their love for travel, letting them roam and bring us sounds from all around the world – all whilst empowering creators in all sorts of fields.

Marcel shows us why the power of social media, as well as the need for self-promotion, is one of the biggest keys to success for the modern day creator. If you’d like to learn more about their journey … listen to the podcast right here! There’s a lot to learn from this talented duo.


free to use sounds recording abandoned airplane iceland

From the podcast:  “First off, this spot [The Sólheimasandur plane wreckage] is incredible. The walk is about 45~60 minutes to get from the parking lot to the abandoned airplane (which crashed their in the 70’s near the ocean). I went there twice actually. The first day I went there and it was rainy and stormy. From the parking lot it is just one straight shot, no left and right. So you can really get lost if you don’t follow the yellow signs. You have to be prepared with the right clothes. I had 10 layers of clothing because the weather changes so tremendously. And when I got there, the first sound I wanted to capture was the wind. This is where you get the really creepy and airy wind sounds *sounds play*. When the wind hits the plane, and everything is open and flying around in it, its just like “Aah”. You see, if there is nothing for the wind to impact on, then there is no real sound. But this plane, that has nothing to do there naturally, created a wind sound that I was just like “Aah” … I was just sitting inside listening to it. Then the rain started dripping, the wind, the storm, all moving back and forth. And that’s just what I did with the ambience…

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… and then I used the geophone and attached it to the places where it’s magnetic. So I put this geophone on and it was just like *drone noises*. What’s cool about the geophone is it really just picks up these low frequencies. A contact microphone does the same but it also picks up all the high frequencies. But the low [from the geophone], just keeps on low. There are no such thing as highs. It’s just so dark and low; insane! And I was just hanging out there for 3~4 hours. The next day we said lets go back and make a video about it. Now we did the same again but with video. Now imagine you have two cameras and sounds with the lavalier, sound on the zoom f6, then we had sound recorded with the geophone, the contact microphone, the ambience ….


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