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WHO IS Dan Mace

Dan Mace is a highly talented South African filmmaker and director turned YouTube creator.

Dan’s career as a TVC Director kicked off at a very young age when he was swept up and commissioned to direct commercials for huge brands such as Tusker and the Indian Premier League. He went on to receive some of the biggest accolades in the industry including three Young Director awards at Cannes.

Fresh from winning his awards and quickly climbing the ranks, Dan decided to pull away from the industry and pursue a career on YouTube. Dan talks to us about what is was like working alongside Casey Neistat and how it’s been to have stepped out of his limelight.
Join us in talking with Dan about why it is he makes movies as we take a deep dive into all things filmmaking. Listen to the podcast right here!


From the podcast:  “That night I knew I had to do a “Seeing Sounds”. That’s actually where the idea of utilising the negative comments actually came from through. I went through the comments and saw the comment “bet you can’t make a song out of a brick, you tool”. I was in mid-quarantine during lock down and I had a lot of bricks at the house and I had some spanners. I was so excited when I figured out how to play Happy Birthday, I called Gabi from outside…

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I learned a lot about the frequency of sounds and objects. We try our hardest not to alter stuff in post [production] because its very noticeable; like auto-tuning. And it also takes it out of an attainable feel. You’ve got to go from A to G, with all the sharps. And then try to find the most similar. Flutes are pretty easy to make if you bend an aluminium correctly and squeeze it at the end and create one little hole that you can blow. I would do 4 of those and have 4 varieties. As long as you can go octaves up and octaves down. Theres usually more instruments than I show because one brick flute obviously cant produce more than one sound. But for the sake of simplicity, I don’t show all the instruments in the video. But all the sounds are realistically coming out of the object. It’s very rare that we alter the sound; only when it sounds horrific. But all of the hair ties are always in tune. But I actually need to move away from the hair ties now because its become an over-done thing, but I just don’t know what else to make bass strings out of. I’ll figure it out though.

How long does it take you to make a seeing Sounds (recording and editing)?

So I came up with the idea in the night. I shot it the next day and then went straight into the edit that day. 2 days later the video was done. I try not to spend too much time on the Seeing Sounds.

Some of Dan's Other Work


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