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Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Bryn North is a travel filmmaker based out of South Africa. He first started his filmmaking career in sport and then transitioned to the world of freelance. More recently, Bryn has been focusing on YouTube and creating his own content. To date, he has worked with brands such as Red Bull and DJI as well as some of the biggest creators in the space. His camera has taken him to some incredible corners of the world allowing him to showcase amazing destinations and cultures in his unmistakably unique style.

If you’d like to learn more about Bryn’s journey and his filming & editing process… listen to his podcast right here! It’s a fun one, if we don’t say so ourselves!


IG v Reality Bryn North Mount Bromo

From the podcast:  “So I was traveling with Sam Kolder who I was previously with in Indonesia for about two weeks. We were shooting and I had just lost my drone. I crashed it. So Sam lent me his drone and the first thing I did was travel to East Java. We arrived there at this beautiful with an epic sunrise. It’s an incredible place. You know, a lot of people have been there but I wanted to see it with my own eyes. And of course, I’m going to document it, film it and take photos. So I put up his spare drone for the first time. It’s actually quite a sad story. So it’s me and my mate Naude. He takes his drone up and he’s flying. All of a sudden I can hear the horrific sound of lost connection. That’s his drone. I’m flying way up snapping away getting some damn right bangers. And then all of a sudden, I also lose connection… 

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… Now it’s far away and both of us are ringing Dee Dee Dee. We’ve got these other tourists around us probably thinking “these idiots with their drones”. Now I’m running around trying to find signal. But what I didn’t realize at the time we were flying is that there was so much wind. My drone was trying to return to home but the wind was so strong that it was faster than the drone could fly and it actually took our drones about two kilometers away. We know this because when Naude’s finally connected, it said it was lying two kilometers away in a field in the middle of nowhere which we ended up going to on the back of sone motorbikes of locals deep in the sticks. It took us like three hours to go looking for this thing finally to no avail. We didn’t find them. Obviously I was extremely upset. I just lost my drone. I flew Sam’s spare one for the first time and I’ve just lost that too. That’s gonna cost me a lot of money. And I’ve lost all the bangers.. but luckily there’s there’s the cache on your phone. So yeah, I lost the drone, but at least I still had something to show for it.



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