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WHO IS Antoine Truchet

Antoine is an action photographer / videographer from France who is an absolute  motorsports fanatic.
In this episode of our podcast, we talk about how Antoine managed to get a foot in the door of the Formula One industry. Not only is it an incredibly difficult sport to capture, but it is notoriously one of the most difficult industries to break into as a photographer. Antione tells us how through his passion-lead efforts and determination, he managed to get his work noticed. And like puzzle pieces coming together, it allowed him to make the right connections along the way that ultimately lead him to his dream job.
Join us as we talk with Antoine about his journey and his learning along the way. Listen to the podcast right here!


From the podcast:  ““This was from 2017 when we decided to go to Iceland for the first time with two mates from New Zealand. They brought surf boards because the plan was to surf in Iceland, and then we would go to Norway afterwards. There’s usually pretty good waves in Iceland, I think pretty much all year round. But actually when we went there it was completely flat. One morning, we had the surfboards on top of the car and we were at glacial lagoon for sunrise (so that’s the location). So we were like ‘why not take the boards for a paddle in the icebergs?’, which is something I don’t recommend anyone to do, it’s not the best idea. We wanted to shoot sunrise but decided why don’t we paddle and take some pretty original and unique shots amongst the icebergs in the water. One of us had a [waterproof] housing for the Canon 5D and so we took it and shared that camera. When my friend was on top of the iceberg and was ready to jump, I had just got into the water. I saw him as he was on this massive iceberg and I was just like “holy s**t”. But we kind of picked the right ones [icebergs] – like that massive one he jumped off of was .. I mean you can never say it was safe to be honest … but we had no rolling icebergs thankfully. You have to be very mindful and you have to be really really careful. It can be super dangerous. But we didn’t just end up with amazing bangers, we also ended up on the biggest news network on Iceland actually.”

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What was the title? Was it good or bad coverage? – “Yeah it was about tourists risking their lives to get the shot, kind of thing. You know there’s a bunch of people standing on the edges of places to get the shot so we had a bit of a bad backlash because of that. But on the other hand they saw that we had all the equipment. And even though it wasn’t very safe, we still had really thick wetsuits and we had surf boards to float on.”

Some of Antoine's Other Work


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